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Stay Hungry Medallion

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Throughout my life, my curiosity and my hunger served me well. It brought me into insane positions I never imagined. Standing with Nelson Mandela in his old jail cell in South Africa, asking him how he forgave his oppressors. Sitting in Moscow with Mikhael Gorbachev, asking him how he got to the top of the Soviet system, and then having the courage to admit it needed to be dismantled. Hanging out at Camp David with President George H.W. Bush, asking him how he brought people together from all walks of life to work together. And so many more, from famous directors and actors to Popes and world leaders.

The reason I’ve been this lucky is not pure fortune. I believe it’s also because I always remember what I learned as a young man who wanted to become the world's greatest bodybuilder: STAY HUNGRY.

I’m hungry to learn, I’m curious, and I spend more time asking questions than talking. And then I put in the work. It's reps, reps, reps. That is my secret to success for everything I've accomplished in life.

So, if you struggle to find guidance to achieve what you want in life, I advise you to open your mind, get curious, and put in the reps. Be hungry to learn. Think about all the things you don’t know, and do the reps of asking questions to learn everything you can. And then enjoy the process. Find joy in the reps. Picture your vision and all that you'll achieve when your listening becomes action, and when your action becomes results. This is the way. Stay hungry, my friends.

Thick bronze collector's item coin.

Dimensions: 1 9/16” in diameter, 2.778 MM thick, 26.2 grams. Each coin comes with a collector's item note from Arnold.


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We only minted 1,000 of each, and it includes a note from me.