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  • Attention, attention

  • Weekend challenge

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Behind-the-Scenes: Be Useful

Want an inside look at me reading Be Useful? Check out the video below of me recording at my home studio.

Also, I have two more fantastic interviews to share with you. I went on Howard Stern to discuss everything from hard work to being President of the United States. You can see that interview here.

I also joined Rich Roll for his podcast, as we discussed my thoughts on confidence, ego, leadership, and so much more. You can find that interview here.

I hope you’ve been enjoying all these updates, and thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of Be Useful.

Arnold Q&A

Despite his busy book promotion schedule, Arnold still found time for his weekly Q&A in The Pump app (you can join the waitlist here). Here are a few of the highlights…

Arnold’s favorite post-workout meals

Arnold’s Cutting Routine

Arnold On Being Famous

Arnold’s Bulking Method

This Is The Positive Corner…

Attention, Attention

One of Arnold’s most sacred practices is his focus principle. He believes that he can achieve more and be more efficient by drowning out distractions.

Unfortunately, some research suggests that our attention spans have shrunk to a mere 8 seconds.

If you want to boost your attention, spending less time on social media and multi-tasking can help. So can improving sleep and practicing meditation. However, research suggests a surprising activity can be the key to a stronger brain that is less prone to distractions. Scientists have found that learning a new language as an adult could help strengthen your brain, improve concentration, and help your memory.

Research suggests that learning a new language strengthens your attention and focus, improves creativity, and can even help fight against neurological disorders. One study even suggests it could help fight off Alzheimer’s.

If you want to learn a language, we highly recommend trying Babbel. Babbel’s teaching method has been scientifically proven to be effective. Users have reported being able to have a basic conversation after just three weeks of daily practice using Babbel.

You know Arnold loves Oktoberfest, so we couldn't help but celebrate Babbelfest. For a limited time, get started with 60 percent OFF during the Babbelfest sale. If you want to see how language learning can improve your focus, get ready to start speaking a new language with Babbel’s bite-sized, expert-crafted lessons.

Weekend Challenge

This week, I talked about the importance of selling. It’s so important that it is a whole chapter of my book, Be Useful.

So many people are afraid to sell, or they think selling is beneath them, or they think they don’t have anything to sell. Wrong. Even if you have no product, you are always selling yourself. And your first customer is yourself. You have to sell yourself on your vision, whether it is to be the best teacher in the world, to be lean and healthy, or to create a hit podcast. And then you have to sell everyone else.

This weekend’s challenge is to work on your sales pitch.

First, figure out what you are selling. Do you have a big vision you need to convince yourself to chase, or do you need to convince your parents, friends, and family? Do you have a business? Do you have a job interview coming up?

Next, figure out the customer. This is important. Your sales pitch changes based on who you are selling to. I talk in the book about how when I was an apprentice in sales, my boss taught me to watch the husbands and wives that came into the store and figure out the decision-maker. Many times, even though it was way back in the Boomer days, the customer was the woman. You have to know your audience.

Finally, sit down and write a short sales pitch. No matter what you’re selling -yourself, a product, a dream — pretend you’re at an ad agency making a commercial. Write a simple, less than one-page pitch designed to persuade your target audience.

If you want to go for extra credit, take your pitch and try it on someone you know.

Tell me how this goes on Twitter!

Thank you all for another fantastic week. I’ve been amazed by all of your support, and everyone posting about my book. Enjoy the weekend, and we’ll be back on Monday.

-Arnold, Adam, and Daniel

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