How To Elevate Your Mind

Who says inspirational videos are a waste? Research suggests they can do wonders for boosting your health and reducing stress

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Today’s Health Upgrade

  • The raw milk trend

  • Do you counterpunch?

  • How to elevate your mind

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On our Radar: Raw Milk

If we’re being honest, the three of us don’t spend too much time on TikTok. But this wonderful village sends us lots of videos asking whether they should follow the latest trend or ignore the noise.

Recently, raw milk has become a popular recommendation from wellness influencers, even though it can be very unsafe.

If you want an in-depth exploration, please read this breakdown. The headline has the type of shock factor we try to avoid in a click-bait environment, but it also speaks of the risk if people aren’t careful. Some products and supplements are nothing but hype but pose very little risk. That’s not the case with raw milk.

From the post:

A lot of people will say that if you get your milk from healthy cows, this isn’t a problem, but that’s simply not true. Milk can be contaminated by bacteria that aren’t harmful to cows but do cause disease in humans; it can have germs introduced by the cow’s skin; it can even get some bacteria simply from the environment where the cows are milked. Even the best of facilities only reduced this risk, and a small number of bacteria quickly becomes a much bigger number in a fertile growing medium like milk.

What’s the risk to adults? It’s likely not fatal, but it can make you very sick and wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience. But for children and infants, raw milk could be deadly.

If you’re still considering raw milk, know this: there are no research-supported benefits. Which leads us to question — if there are no benefits, why even drink it in the first place?

We are big believers in doing what works for you. But if you’re considering trying raw milk, your safest bet is still the pasteurized route.

Adam’s Corner: The Counterpunch

I remember the first time I broke my back. I spent the night in bed, questioning everything. I was just a teenager, but the doubts, worries, and disbelief were overwhelming. I cried myself to sleep. And I woke up the following day knowing one thing.

No matter how bad the situation, the only way out is to realize you control how good or bad the outcome will be. And that doesn’t mean everything will go your way, but it does mean your approach and determination will make something better or worse.

My broken back was the obstacle that showed me the way (hat tip to Ryan Holiday). I became obsessed with the human body, nutrition, and exercise. Some doctors suggested my life would be forever limited. Instead, I built a resilient body and discovered a passion for helping people realize they can’t this screw up. That led to opportunities with incredible icons, everyone from Arnold to LeBron, training athletes and executives, and making sense of the confusing world of wellness.

Was it luck? If you returned to those moments of despair and doubt, no one would’ve called me lucky. But I was prepared to fight and do so strategically. And it’s a playbook anyone can copy.

On Monday, Arnold shared a similar story when he reminded us about the fragile nature of life. One day, he went in for a routine procedure; the next, he fought for his life.

You may never know what it’s like to go from being the world’s greatest bodybuilder to needing a walker. Or, you might not know what it’s like to break your back (somehow, I managed to do it twice). But you probably know what it’s like to be hit so hard by something that it feels like your life is spiraling.

When that happens, two things can help you avoid the knockout blow. First, it’s time to stop expecting that bad things won’t happen. As we shared yesterday, those with realistic expectations are happier, healthier, and more resilient. So it can be beneficial to know things won’t go your way, and sometimes they can be incredibly challenging.

Often, hard times are made harder because we didn’t expect something so bad to happen. While difficulties vary in severity, knowing that life loves a good curveball can help you process the strikeouts and return more confident.

And then, it’s essential to counterpunch. Some of the best fighters in the world were legends because they knew how to punch back at the right moments. This is exactly what Arnold did.

When open-heart surgery made breathing hard for him, he started training his breath like he was preparing for the Olympia. When it took away his ability to walk, he relied on his friends to get him moving until he didn’t need a walker. When he couldn’t lift weights, he did reps without any load…until he could add weight. Each punch that screamed “you can’t” was countered with a punch of, “Well then, I’ll do this instead.” 

If you can counterpunch, you realize that the hits you take don’t do as much damage if you won’t let them.

This lesson applies to everything in life, and especially your health. We treat imperfections and injuries like a knockout punch. But good health isn’t about perfection. It’s about relentless consistency, great habits, and resiliency. And that means having a game plan you can follow and stick with, even when life isn’t going the way you want.

Your body is incredible at adapting and adjusting. You must be prepared for some big hits, and counterpunch when they arrive.

And here’s the best part: in health, unlike boxing, when you go the distance, you always win. Because no blow is too big to overcome. No matter the setback, remeber to counterpunch.

It’s time to realize you’re still in the fight, and there’s almost always something you can do to improve yourself. And when you do and keep fighting, you’ll start to win rounds and see results. And that’s how you become the champion of your health.

How to Elevate Your Mind

Do you ever read an inspirational quote or watch a motivational video and wonder if it has any real benefits?

Research suggests that elevating your mood does more than provide a temporary boost — it could support overall improvements to your health.

Scientists have studied the concept of “elevation” — moments where you get an emotional or mental boost — and its impact on your health. They found that experiencing elevation can boost your immune system, reduce stress levels, and foster social connection.

Some studies even suggest that feeling elevated can potentially lead to a 23 percent reduction in your risk of developing health issues. The best part? It doesn’t take much to experience this boost. You can trigger these changes by watching inspiring videos or speeches, reading powerful quotes, or even doing good for others, such as volunteering. Anything that elevates your mood is good use of your time. So, if you’re feeling down and have 5 minutes to spare, find something to elevate your mood today. Think of it like a mental multivitamin, without the expensive cost or bad taste.

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