The Getting Ripped FUBAR Prep

It started with a simple email.  “Almost time for FUBAR.” And continued with an ominous text thread.  “I want to get shredded...

It started with a simple email. 

“Almost time for FUBAR.”

And continued with an ominous text thread. 

“I want to get shredded for FUBAR.”

The first message was from Arnold. 

The second was from Dieter (Arnold’s friend and the man behind the camera for all the videos we share). 

And just like that, we were focused on working together to push our bodies to a different level. 

Getting Ripped/FUBAR Prep

You know that we’re all about sustainable efforts. 

We don’t do crash diets, we don’t buy into unsustainable efforts, and we don’t do things that are net negatives when you zoom out. 

But we do love setting a vision, challenging ourselves, and setting a deadline. 

So, with Arnold set to leave for FUBAR in a month — and Dieter wanting to dial it in — we decided to create a challenge to get shredded.

We changed the name of our text thread to “Getting Ripped,” created a nutrition plan, and began this journey. We just started.

Then we thought…maybe we should share this with the village. So, last Thursday, we offered members of The Pump app the chance to join us.

And now we want to see if you want to join us too. 

When you join The Pump app, you get access to: 

  • Arnold’s workouts, including The Foundation, the 90-day program that every Pump user starts with, are customized for your goals, whether you have gym equipment or just your body weight, and your fitness level, whether you’ve never trained or you deadlift 600 pounds 

  • A habit-builder that helps you focus and build routines by tracking three actions a day

  • Exclusive content, videos, and articles 

  • Special Q&As with leading experts — including Arnold (in the past year, he’s done 30 Q&As).

Now, you can also access the plans for FUBAR prep. This isn’t about becoming a bodybuilder. It’s about changing what you think needs to be done to accomplish your big goals.

We kicked it off last week with a diet template. Next week, we’re sharing a full diet plan, adding a weekly cooking video to help with meal prep, and giving everyone the tools they need to succeed—while having the support of an entire village. 

If you want to join The Pump app, sign up here. As always, there’s a 7-day free trial.

Start by reading the post called The Getting Ripped (FUBAR Challenge). Then, you can read the next two posts where Daniel shared his grocery list for the challenge and two real-life busy days of eating to meet the challenge. Read the comments. See all these people, starting from different places, pumping each other up.

If the app is not for you, no worries. But if you’ve been looking for workouts, nutrition help, and accountability, there’s nothing like the Pump app. Check it out and see for yourself. 

Oh, and because a few people have asked, no — we will never stop sharing a free workout here in the newsletter every Monday.

The daily newsletter will always be free.

The Pump app is a different experience with long training programs designed for progression and a place for village members to interact. We spend a lot of money improving the app weekly based on member feedback. We promise that the daily newsletter will remain free forever.

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