Let's Talk About Lifetime

As we celebrated the app anniversary, we couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing the village is. We know that our lifetime members...

As we celebrated the app anniversary, we couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing the village is. We know that our lifetime members are a huge part of that.

You’re the power users. The ones always there in the comments pumping everyone up. And that’s because you’re amazing people, but it’s also because you’re committed to The Pump in a way no one else is. You’re invested.

We have said from the beginning that we don’t want to open up lifetime membership again because we told you it was a one-time offer. We know how many “limited” offers are really unlimited marketing gimmicks.

But as we read the comments this week, we had a thought. So many people are changing their lives here — physically and mentally. And many of them said that they wished they’d known about lifetime, or they wished they had the money at the time, or just that they weren’t sure if it was worth it.

And we keep thinking about this: what if we opened it up for a limited time to allow those members to commit as you did?

We will be honest with you. Our answer is, “We don’t know.”

So we decided to send this message exclusively to you, the lifetime members.

We’ve brainstormed since the anniversary, and after so many asked if we would make this available again. However, we don’t know the right move. But we knew that no matter what, this choice could not be made without all of you. So, since we don’t know, we hope you can help.

If we opened lifetime membership again, it would need to be a little more expensive. We don’t want anyone getting the same deal you got.

And we wouldn’t have the same perks. We will never do a free t-shirt again.

The goal for us also wouldn’t be to make more money. Considering the type of members who would want this, we will probably lose on the lifetime value of their current subscriptions, so it likely isn’t the best business idea.

We love the commitment of a lifetime and how vibrant you all make the village; if we are greedy for anything, it’s more of that.

But we would never do this without asking you, and we truly don’t know what the right move is here. So, we are sharing an anonymous survey. (It’s only two questions.)

Be honest because we want to make the right decision, and the right decision here is what YOU want. We’ve said from day one that the village is about all of you, and you will help shape what this place becomes. And that’s why we want to involve you in the decision.

As always, we will be completely transparent. We will share the results of the poll with all of you, but we won’t share any thoughts you decide to send us. We’re leaving this decision to you.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts as we consider how to keep growing the village.

Here’s the survey.

It will be open for just 48 hours, and then we’ll take your responses and consider your feedback. Thanks again for making the village what it is!

-Adam and Daniel