How To Make Your Resolutions A Success

Arnold has a theory on why so many resolutions fall short, and the simple practice that could change your outcomes for the...

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From Arnold: How To Make Your Resolutions A Success

Tomorrow, all over the world, people will make resolutions about how they want to be better this year.

Some will want to lose weight. Some will want to read more books. Some will want to spend less time on their machines.

They all have one thing in common: they just want to improve.

But unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions fail more often than they succeed. According to some estimates, 23 percent of people fail in the first week, 43 percent quit by the end of the month, and only 9 percent finish the year.

That isn’t because the people making the resolutions don’t have the best intentions.

I have a theory: I think it’s because they make a resolution without spending the time to think about why they made it. The why is what powers you through the days when your mind tells you that you can wait until tomorrow to start training or reading or putting your iPhone down during dinner.

The why is your vision.

So this year, we start the year with a challenge.

I want you to take a few minutes today without any distractions and think about who you want to be in 2024. Not what you want to do, or how you want to do it, or when you want to start.

We can forget the what, how, and when and just focus on the who and the why.

Who do you see yourself as when you really give yourself the space to think? Do you see yourself as someone who is fit, hungry to learn every day, and ready to do the work to become your who?

Why do you want to be that person you see when envisioning your best possible year? Do you want to be fit so you’re around longer for your kids and grandkids? Do you want to read more books because you want to stay hungry and never stop learning? Do you want to put down your phone so you can focus more on the people around you?

Spend the time today before the new year starts to figure out your who and your why. Look deep inside yourself and find your vision.

You might feel a little crazy, but I want you to think about it like you’re making a movie in your head about your life. Play it for yourself. Because once you can really see your who and your why, and I mean really see it — the what, how, and when become easier.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the blueprint you can use to work toward your vision. But first, you have to see it clearly.

The Easy Button

When you start setting your resolutions, goals, and vision, make sure you anticipate what you’ll find difficult and build solutions that help you remove common barriers. Research suggests that a little preparation can help turn your goals into plans that are more likely to succeed. 

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Here’s wishing you all a happy new year! We’ll see you tomorrow to kick off 2024.

Publisher: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Editors-in-chief: Adam Bornstein and Daniel Ketchell