"Nature's Ozempic"

Welcome to the positive corner of wellness. Here’s a daily digest designed to make you healthier in less than 5 minutes. If...

Welcome to the positive corner of wellness. Here’s a daily digest designed to make you healthier in less than 5 minutes. If you were forwarded this message, you can get the free daily email here.

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Let’s Talk About “Nature’s Ozempic”

Buyer beware: the most popular knockoff supplement on the market will not deliver knockout results.

Berberine — AKA’s “nature’s Ozempic” — is nothing like the powerful weight loss drugs that have taken the research world by storm.

If you’re not aware, a new form of drug is helping obese people lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off in ways we’ve never seen before. As a result, many people who don’t need the medication are trying to get their hands on these drugs (sometimes illegally) to experience the effects.

The supplement world has noticed, and Berberine is carrying the torch as the new natural weight loss solution. There’s just one problem. Berberine is nothing like Ozempic, not in how it works or the results it provides. The plant alkaloid has some benefits, as research suggests it could help reduce blood sugar.

But the power of Ozempic (and other similar drugs) is that it works on your brain to control appetite. In particular, Ozempic mimics a hormone that shuts off cravings. People on the drug lose interest in eating like you would when you’re full. And when combined with better habits and healthier eating, they are seeing unprecedented results. This is a dramatic change for people who suffer from obesity because that same mechanism is typically broken; instead of feeling full, they can remain in a constant state of hunger.

There’s nothing wrong with Berberine, per se. But it doesn't offer what Ozempic does. And, as a supplement, unless the product is third-party verified (such as NSF for Sport or Informed Sport), you don’t know the quality or if the dose of the ingredient is accurate. Not to mention, even the most optimistic studies suggest berberine can support only a few pounds of weight loss over several months, and not the dozens of pounds seen with Ozempic and healthier nutrition habits. While we’d love to tell you that berberine is the real deal, it’s not the case and likely not worth your time or money.

The Other Pump

In a world filled with false promises (yeah, we're looking at you Berberine), exercise is the closest thing we have to a magic pill. And we just uncovered another benefit you don't want to ignore.

Research suggests that exercise improves brain health and longevity, strengthens immunity and supports learning, provides more energy and helps you sleep, supports metabolism, protects your joints, and even helps with mental health.

Turns out, studies also suggest that exercise protects your sexual performance.

Research on more than 6,000 men and women found a direct relationship between a commitment to exercise and their sexual functioning. In particular, men were less likely to have erectile dysfunction, and women were less likely to have sexual dysfunction. The National Institutes of Health previously identified a strong relationship between sexual functioning and overweight or obesity.

We know that weight can be a big struggle. But remember, small changes add up in big ways. The research suggests that people who did an hour and a half of cardiovascular exercise or three hours of outdoor work saw a 20 percent improvement in dysfunction.

The Viking QB

Quarterbacks have one of the toughest jobs in sports. Not only is it physically demanding, but the mental focus, split-second strategizing, and leadership it requires calls for a special kind of athlete. Even though I’m Chief Action Officer at Netflix, I like to meet my other co-workers outside the action. A new docuseries produced by the NFL and Peyton Manning, Quarterback, premieres on Netflix in July, and one of the featured QBs is Kirk Cousins from the Minnesota Vikings. The show goes deep into how he keeps his body, mind, and even spirit strong. Here are a few quick thoughts from Kirk on how he stays fit.

What's one action or item you've recently added to your daily routine that keeps you healthy?

I started pouring apple cider vinegar into my water in the morning and just sipping on that, uh, I was told it has a bunch of health benefits. That's something I've added in recently.

What's one thing you do every single day to strengthen your mental health?

I think prayer has been a really big part of my mental health over the years, making sure I have that quiet time to pray in the mornings or in the evenings.

Do you have a health routine? If so, what is it and how often do you do it?
I have a pretty complicated and, uh, involved health routine. It's everything from the weight room to throwing the football to tissue work [and a] chiropractor. I see all kinds of people for my body and do all kinds of exercises, and it's pretty much six days a week. It's the way it has to be as long as I'm a professional athlete.