The Pump Is Officially Open

After 6 months of being in beta, The Pump app is officially open

Hey everybody,

I heard there were a lot of people who couldn’t get into The Pump while we were keeping it locked and making improvements since we launched in April.

I told my team to get me those email addresses because I didn’t want you to think you weren’t welcome there. But we had a good reason to wait. Now, it’s time for you to join us. When you try to join today, the app will autofill your referral code ARNOLD.

I wish we could have let all 40,000 of you in when we launched in April, but we wanted to listen to our initial users and improve the app before we opened the doors. We don’t want to be like those Silicon Valley companies that over-promise and under-deliver. Our strategy is the opposite of that.

Since April, we’ve terminated dozens of bugs, added a daily action tracker to help you build routines and habits, a calendar for your workouts and daily actions, a workout history showing how far you’ve come, and much more. We already knew in April that we had the best fitness plans available on the internet, but our founding users helped prove us right with their wild progress stories.

And now we are much more than a fitness app. Besides helping you build routines outside of the gym, we are proud that our community is legitimately the most positive place on the internet. I know you think I’m bullshitting you because it still shocks me every time I do Q and A’s or ask our members to pump each other up. 

Still unsure? We thought that could be the case, so we created a 7-day free trial because I wouldn’t believe me either. 

Consider this your official invitation from me. 

You can download the app here for iOS users.

Or here for Android users

Start your workout plan designed and demonstrated by me and my team, pick a few daily goals to chase your vision and meet the most positive people online.

Or if the app is still downloaded on your phone, make sure to update to the latest version and then sign-up and join. 

Do it now!