We are the underdog (+ win a chance to train with me)

We’ve come a long way since I first started my bodybuilding career, but there’s a reason I’m sending you a special Saturday...

We’ve come a long way since I first started my bodybuilding career, but there’s a reason I’m sending you a special Saturday email with a unique opportunity to train with me.

It used to be almost impossible to find a place to train, and the gyms of the 1960s were nothing like what you see today. Now, you have beautiful machines and fitness clubs that you can find almost everywhere. You would think that access to gyms would make us healthier. And yet, I see some very disturbing trends in nutrition. It’s why I’m more committed to my fitness crusade than ever before.

In the United States, nearly 75 percent of people are overweight or obese. Around the world, obesity rates have increased for three straight decades. We have more people dieting than ever (some estimate a 400 percent increase in the last 5 decades), and the result is people are losing faith that better health is possible.

The experts say we can’t change the direction of our health. They say it’s too late or we need drugs to solve the problem. I say we need to fight even harder and make sure we get the right information into the hands of everyone.

Adam had a vision 9 years ago to write a book about why dieting does not work, and what to do instead. He wanted to provide a blueprint for building unbreakable habits and achieving long-lasting results without the typical stress, complication, cost, and guilt of modern diets. If you know Adam, you know he loves helping people be healthier as much as he does enjoying a great meal. This is the perspective we need.

I’ve watched him put everything he has into this book until it was ready to help all of you. That book is You Can’t Screw This Up, and I would love for you to support this project.

If you enjoy reading Arnold’s Pump Club, then you’ve seen the caliber of Adam’s work. I consider him one of the best minds in all of nutrition, and — together with Daniel — he helps me write these emails every day.

I’ve been so impressed by how this village supports each other. And today, I think we should all support Adam by pre-ordering his book. I wrote the foreword because I know this plan is exactly what people need.

The last thing you need is another detox, carb-starve plan, or more bullshit. And there's more at stake with this book.

There are a lot of bestselling books about fitness and nutrition that are sold by shysters and snake oil salesman. Adam’s book is the opposite, and that makes him an underdog in a market that prefers magic pills and false promises.

It’s our job to change the market.

So let’s come together for Adam. He’s promising to fly two of you out to train with me at Gold’s Gym. We’ll get a great pump, and it will be a fantastic time. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, he's included so many bonuses for anyone that buys his book. And, for every book he sells this weekend, he’s donating $1 to my After School All Stars program.

You can learn about all the bonuses here. Simply buy a copy (or two -- one for you and one for a friend -- if you want the chance to train with me), and then submit proof of purchase. This contest applies internationally, as well. If you're in the UK, you can buy here. And if you're in other international regions, look for local distributors. All you need is proof of purchase.

This isn’t just about supporting Adam; it’s about changing the narrative and sharing the tips, tools, and healthy habits that can change lives. I'd love for you to get a copy, share it on social media, and show everyone that our village has the power to lift up the world.